i've learn that.

i've learn that..
sometimes.. we have to let..
ur lover go..
or shall i say..
let love go.

i've learn that..
i cn't force people to love me..
i can keep them in our heart,
knowing that they are safe..
happy wth who ever they love..
n care for them..
every second in our life.

i've learn that..
i need to love myself 1st..
knowing that god already made some1 dat..
much better for me..
and love me 4 who i am..

i've learn that..
what ever i had suffer before this..
is only a beginning for my happiness.

i've learn taht..
i have to confess what ever i feel
in my heart..
and don't ever keep it or worst it will be.

i've learn that..
once i love some1..
i will love thaem..
and i won't hate them..
tho' they hurt me damn badly!

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