look back and laugh

ok, lets take a look at wht have i done in 2009.

-being a lame potato for 7 month (afta spm x keje)
-having a major bad relationship till july.
-strt a new college stdnt life
-cupid hit me again (afif firdaus) <3
-gain weight (penting)
-1st time in ma life having a long hair.
-secara konklusi nye taon ini adalah menarik bg daku

sadakallah hulazim, and assalamualaikum 2010!


pg, nguap panjang.
another fine day *senyum*
jeling handfon, taip 'good morning baba' dan send.
*senyum lg*
ngeliat, puass.
garu kapla, menghala ke jamban.
click air panas. jirus. sabun. shampoo. gigi gosok. segar. gigil.
towel berkhidmat. baju2 kecik d padankan ketempat msg2. bju kemas di semat kan,
semburan harum. lihat cermin. KLMU here i come!

esok pg? ulang bende same

soooo trueee!

1. once we send you a message, we expect you to reply or else we'll be angry at you.
2. we are very sensitive species.
3. mind yr words.
4. sometimes, it's hard for you to understand whats inside our mind.
5. our mood can change easily.
6. tell us we're beautiful.
7. we like it when boys call us 'baby'.
8. we love it when our bf says that he already has a girfriend to the ladies.
9. a kiss on the cheek is a definite yes.
10.we feel comfortable & not afraid when you hug us.
11.hugs mean more sometimes.
12.we like it when you said something nice to us.
13.if you love us, proof it.
14.if you care about us, then tell us.
15.if you care about us, show us.
16.look us in the eye & smile.
17.hang out with us on weekends.
18.if you're listening to music, let us listen it too.
19.give us what we want.
20.we like it when you call us just to wish good night.
21.we mind about our ex-bf having another gf. it's not because we still has feeling for him, we just care.
22.we love when you cuddle with us.
23.hug us from behind.
24.we want you to put yr arms around us at the movies.
25.let us fall asleep in yr arms.
26.when we say we are cold, that's an invitation to come closer.
27.don't hug our friends or yr friends that are girls, because we'll feel left out.
28.we don't care if you are the strongest person in the world.
29.make us laugh.
30.pick us up. we love it.
31.don't go hang out wif yr ex or someone else when we're not with you, you might not realize how badly it hurts.
32.we don't always look our best, so get over it.
33.we shouldn't have to plan everything.
34.we're always ready to talk, so call us.
35.treat us the same around yr friends as you do when we're alone.
36.introduce us to yr friends as yr girlfriend.
37.write us notes or call us just to say 'hi'.
38.we can tell when yre not listening. so listen up.
39.we need yr advice sometimes so don't be afraid to give it to us.
40.we're not perfect. so deal with it.
41.we get upset if another guy touches us & we don't like it.
42.we're not always girly girls.
43.we love surprises.
44.the little things you do mean the most.
45.we can like boys stuff too.
46.cursing n fighting don't impress us.
47.don't be mean to us to get our attention.
48.don't tell us who is hot because we don't care.
49.if yre talking to another girl, when yre done talking, walk over & hug and kiss us. let us know we're yours & they aren't.

seperti biase

cm biase lah. x update blog. senang crite mcm ni la. hdop sy mkn hari makin hppy (alhmdllh)
n i wanna make it more privately. (baek aku xya de blog kan?) to be honest.. aku malas sbnr nye nk update. heeeee..toddells!


Taken from ftn's blog

Cocaine, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, ecstasy, k, peyote, mushrooms, opium... How many have you done?
how bout flu pills?

Does anyone not like you at the moment?
i think so0

Name your favorite Beer?
tralala beer

Has anyone put their arms around you in the past 5 days?
my baba

Do you hate being home alone?
Nope, i like it.

Can you last in a relationship for 3 months?
ofcoz i can :)

Do you hate it when people smoke around you?
baba, u know it better aite, hell NO.

Would you be more likely to fail Science or Math?
Maths, -__-"

Have you kissed one person more than 20 times in 09?

Has anyone ever told you they liked you in a really sweet way?
mohd afif firdaus

Are you under the influence of anything at the moment?

Do you REALLY love ALL your family?
i think so

Are you one of those people who constantly check the time?
Yes yes yes

If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
Nope. x pe2. i'm not available (poyo siakk)

If your best friend said they were running away, what would you say?
jgn lari jaoh2 ok

What kind of mood are you in today?
in love bebehh

Are you addicted to cigarettes?
Hell no

Have you ever kissed someone who was drunk?
Nope. yaksss

Has someone gotten mad at you in the last 24 hours?
mohd afif firdaus. hhehe

Can guys and girls be friends without trying to make it more?
Sure, but don't cross the line

Where and what were you doing at twelve last night?
talk n talk n talk wth him

I bet your going to kiss someone tonight, right?
Tak, beliau jaoh nun di kajang. heee

Do you sleep with the door open or closed?
Closed opcoz. takott ah bkk. kang nmpk 'die' lalu.

How was last night overall?

Something you really want right now?
him and drawingblock

What were you doing an hour ago?

If you could seek revenge on someone would you?
heeeheee.. maumau.

Can you recall the last time you liked someone?
last 3 month n now still.

Are you happy with the way things are going?

Would you ever get a tattoo?

Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now?

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
mohd afif firdaus

Who was the last person you talked to in person?

What plans do you have for tomorrow?

What are you listening to right now?
bunyi air-cond usang ku

What happened at 9:00 am today?
kene kacau dr tdo. ayah.

Have you ever kissed the last person you texted?

What are you afraid of?
Allah n losing him

When was the last time you were sick?
last 3 days

Are you one of those people who are always cold?
hell ya

Where are your biological parents?
kat dpn, tgk tv

Do you tend to waste a lot of money?

What did you last drink?
sirap tawar

Last thing that you said out loud?
Korg bole kua cpt x?!

Do you have trust issues?

Do you think this year will be better than the last?
very much

What are you doing?
Buat survey ni la =_=

Are you a jealous person?
In the time being, not

Do you think age matters in relationships?

When was the last time you got a haircut?
last month

Do you know anyone that smokes weed?

Who is the last person you rode in a car with?
along n teman beliau

What is one thing you'd love to happen tomorrow?
hug him

Do you look more like your mom or your dad?
Dad, much alike

Where will you be 2 hours from now?
atas katil ku

Are there any stressful situations in your life?

Are your lips chapped at the moment?
Tak pun

What time did you wake up?
9 something, thnkx ayah

too0 all my dearest friends

jom meet up honeyss. to ex-st.marian.

can we meet up on 25th nov ni? aku da kematok rindu korg ni. if u'll read this n agree wth it. plsssssssssssssssssss call me. damn i miss u'll badly. i love u guys!


as always lah, update blog wayyy to0o0 far frm ma concern. hahhaha.maaf yeh.

soo tday my lil'bro's bday. pg2 kene kejot dgn ma dad (secara sadis nya) pastu mandi, tros g amek kwn along kt putra gombak *mark my word, she's ordering me too, bkn mntk tlg. WTF?
then lepak kt umah jap, sampai kol 1, siap siap siap siap (ye, agak lame bersiap) then gerak g kenduri kawan along bersama kwn along yg amek kt putar 2, meet kwn2 along yg laen kt petronas fasa2A *if u all taw kt mane laa* sampai kt rumah pranten, mkn2, balik.

sampai2 attab nye bday dah celebrt da. grrr.. x tggu pon. ok laa. kwn2 die rmai dtg. presnt yg die dpt agak best, here:
-nurf gun (ayah)
-bent10 all matrix (mama)
-trnsfrmer action figure (along)
-magic ball (mira)
-adidas water bottle (me)
-a huge gun which look like bazuka (bibik)
-BUKU LATIHAN MATH (very3 kind friendS)

ermm.. i think thts all 4 tday.
p/s:owh i love u, yes u baba!


kalau dah hilang skali,
mmg payah nak kembali,
kalau dtg pon,
tak serupa, tak sama,
sampai bebila,
slagi ada, jgn leka,
pgg erat2, smpi mati, baru puas hati.

0wh yes, it's him. yesyesyes, i love him. :)

kesian diorg

sian tgk those peeps yg kene tggl ngn some1 tht they loved.
owhh thnk god i'm not 1 of them.

ringkasan cerita

1.cermin kete kancil ku kene pecah-brg2 afif hlg:beg buku ku, psp, q.s file dll.

2.exam anatomy n sociology agak memuaskan.

3.'he' no longer in my life n wont dstrb my relation ever again.


owh btw:i love u baba!

owh henpon ku

beliau hilang (my hp)!!
nyte b4 die hilang, daku cakap dpn die
"aku nk tuka kau HAHAHA" sumpah x tipu.
rase2 nye die kecik ati lalu meninggal kan daku sebelom daku menukar beliau.
owh blacky (nama my hp) come back syg. i luv u!!! i need u!!!

**ermm nk beli hp ape ek pas ni? HAHA (gelak evil)

new fregrant

ok, 1st of all.. mau ckp yg daku mmg da toooo damn in love wth him **yup, its to0 early 4 me to0 have ths feeling but i cant help it. dah TER. nk wat cm ne kn? yes, daku baru je knl beliau.. tp ase cm da seumor hdop knl die *hyperbola* haha.

1st time kitorg borak n ckp was on 030909. he prpse me on 090909 (lucky num huh?) hehe. ya, sy mudah jth chenta, tp HANYA PD DIA. :)

afif firdaus:
manje gaban *haha
x kedekk
mengalah slalu
loyal friend
sweet smell
family man
down to earth
my private counselor
dan bermacam2 lg :)

he is my:

he loves:
his scooter
to kiss me
to hug me
his friends
his fam

p/s: baba, iloveyoufuckingmuch

final exam

hanya 2 paper. critive n critical thinking n english paper.
english mmg bombastic. tp CnC paper. subhanallahh.. nasib baek dpt tips. kalo x. kompom fail!
kol 9 smpi 11 english paper. 2 smpi 4 CnC. ade gab lame tuu daku, khai si bdk jamboo serta rakan nye mentelaah paper bgai nk rak. tp ok la. x gagap mse exam. alhmdllh. khai, kalo kite x dpt 4 flat. kite bakar KLMU! tiheee

last day wth my classmate

hari yg sgt sayu. last same clss ngn ma clssmate. english class. sedih je. kitorg amek pict byk2 sgt. kenangan seh. tho bru 1month ktorg tgther. tp ktorg rapat kott. hehhe. i'm so0o glad dpt classmate mcm dorg. sygs!!

kene tipu?

cerita bermula pbla shbt ku, amy, ajk kami g bkk pose sesame. beliau kate ikot je die. die bwk g 1 tmpt best tanpa byrn. kami dgn sukacita nye stuju laa. pd petang yg hujan lebat tuu, kami bertolak dr KLMU lbh kurang pkol 5.30. memula amy ckp nk bwk g dmnsara, lps 2 tuka tmpt, aku da ase laen mcm da.. kire da strt x sdp ati laa. da la hujan.. jln jam. aku amek keputusan sroh kerol yg bwk kete ku. die lak dmm trok. tp die cool je. die pon bwk la kete ikot kwn amy yg kate nye 'belanja' kami tu.

jam menunjukkan da pkol 6.45pm. kami masih blom smpi ke destinasi. pejadah??
mamat tu kate nk kne amek van laa.. amek bebdk laen la. kitorg sumpah x phm. tp ikot je la.. bdk2 dr kolej laen pon de gak yg dtg. lg tmbh heran aku. bkn kah kami je yg bkk pose sme2? siapakah gerangan nye mereka? jam dah kol 7.15. msh blom smpi. dgn kami sesat ntah kemane. atlast. ktorg bkk pose dlm kete mkn mentos sima. sadis. pusing pnye pusing. akhir nye kami smpi ke destinasi. klana jaya.

sesampai kt bgnn tu. tgk mknn da tggl ckit+sejuk+x menyelerakan. ape bole buat? lapa pnye pasal. bedal je ah. da la tempat ktorg mkn tu mcm x terurus. wlpn beraircond. tp da mcm stor. sedih. mse tu da nk pkol 8.30 da. lps mkn, tetbe mamat yg kwn amy tu ckp lps ni ade somethng kt dlm dewan. just msok n dgr je. haaa.. aku da berbulu da. pak ku da tepon byk kali. aku mmg nk bla je tros time tu. haah, btw.. kerol x join us.. die dmm pns sgt. die tdo dlm kete. ktorg memula mmg sgt nk balik da. tp mamat tu asek dok hlg. korg nk taw ceramah tu about wht?? about SKIM JUAL GELANG KESIHATAN YG BOLE WAT KITE KAYA. wtf???
aku mmg pissed off gile da time tu. yg mamat tu dok sebok terang kan kt aku pejadah semua gelang tu. kate untong la. die kate die sebulan dpt rm8000 la. tp aku tgk die slebet nk mampos je. dlm otk aku. 'i'm dead meat, dah lewat sgt kott'

ktorg pnye la crk alasan nk gerak. akhir nye, dgn beberapa cara yg mujarab. kami dpt lps dr c2.
dr klana jaya tuu aku bwk kete selaju mgkn. da la x taw jln, thnkx 2 sima n charm la. pak aku da trok marah aku da. ade sedikit dramatic stunt happen kt lebuhraya duke. aku ngh onfon wth ma mum yg taksub nk taw aku kt mne + hujan yg agak + jln yg x biase aku lalu + kelajuan kreta yg sdg aku pandu. kedebang!! aku langgar bumper dgn kelajuan 100km sejam. bdk2 aku kt blkg da menjerit trok gle da. kerol trantok agak sadis.. yg laen hampir histeria. haha. aku hantar bdk2 aku smua kt dpn klmu.

dan aku, meneruskan pejalanan pulang. smpi rumah. kne maki. pang. dan sewaktu dgn nye. wktu: 10.45p.m

**secara konklusi nye: KAMI D TIPU!

karoke 12/8/09

pg tu g clss mcm biase. afta clss bncg pnye bncg pnye bncg. akhir nye gerak pon ke b.b.
kami ke sana menggunakan khidmat kancil ku. byg kan. dlm kncil naek smpi.. jap kire jap 1.. 2.. hahh 7 org dlm tu! sian kancil ku. lalu ambil keputusan park kt ttwgsa, naek tren ke b.b. *sian anith kne jln jaoh* lps karoke 2 jam. kua2 tgk hujan lebat ya amat *kali nyanyi sumbang sgt maybe* redah hujan berlari ke t.s.
kt situ kaki ku da skt. sejuk sgt. bdn da ase laen mcm. x lame pastu. mntk dr ngn kwn2. betolak blek ngn anith. grak ke ttwgsa. ade mamat 2 ekor bwk kete perdana *kete pinjam maybe*
kaco2 anith, aku? buat bodo sudeh. lalu blek. dlm kete hnye mendiam kn dri. sgguh ase x sht.

p/s: sore kikie sumpah sdp.

x berminat pada..

1. some1 x knl, buat2 mcm da 30 taon knl aku

2. org yg ptt knl aku more thn any1 else, tp die ignore aku bile aku need them

3. org pkse aku kluar ngn die

4. org yg carik aku bile prlu shje

5. org yg ske lepas geram kt aku

6. org yg hnye tau carik kesalahan aku

7. org yg sentiase nk mng

8. org yg xcaya kt aku

9. org yg nk aku je dgr mslh die, die x nk dgr probs aku. wtf?

10. org yg x hragai lover dorg.

11. org yg ske jeling org x tentu pasal. ni org bodoh.

12. org yg pandai, kate diri die bodoh!

13. org yg bodoh, tros menjd bodoh

14. org mlayu yg x nk jdk mlayu.

15.org x kaya bajet kaya

16. org kaya, tp down to earth nk mampos

17. org yg bencikan comic. *sialan

18. org yg syg ex die more thn lover die skrg.

bila da brubah

kite kata die da brubah. sdg kan perkara baek. kite kt sini yg ternganga pndg perubahan, ape aku merapu? sendiri x pasti. tp hati timbul rase iri. shitty. tepok tgn bile org berjaya. bkn ludah die merata. melayu betol. penyakit x penah hlg.

ikut hati mau cungkil rhsia, tp nmpk mcm kurang halal. lupakan.

pndg depan. mula corak cerita sendri ye murid2. awas. x baek meniru. nnt x muat. x cantik. x menarik.

episode mggu dpn. biar maha director yg tentu kan. ape2 watak pon die bg, alhamdllh kite ucap kan. asal dpt habuan. x byk, ckit pon jdk la.

trimas kerna luangkan masa bace. :)


nik ezani: dude, si peneman kala bosan. wise thought. adore u, crius. anda best, x tipu.

ariff imran: sorry if nutt hurt u. kite kawan kan? kan? riff xmo brubah ok. :) riff, xmo lyn tht girl taw.

mohd shukri: ayie.. sorry 4 evrythng. kapas slame nye! yie, jgn la de girl laen. yie nutt pnye je. kihkih.

fuzaimie: bole stop nagging around? pnt tinge. ahahha guraw. rindu mau borak2. call me. :)

helmey: basahbasah! wakakakak!!

matt hamzah: thnkx 4 the lovely poem dude. sukasuka. :)

dah mati baru junjong

anda nk d hrgai? mampus dulu. bru disanjong. wat up? lumrah mnsia, dah hilang bru carik. ape aku meraban ni? x. nk ckp psl yasmin ahmad. she's the best. not like other mlysian dirctr, stereotype. drama! bosan. lame. dan sewaktu dgn nye. her story, can make peeps touched kott. tp mse die hdop, semua kritic *tmasok makpak ku*

x puas dgn karya die. nak lagi. nak lagi. tp nk wat camne, seru roh? tahi. mmg x ahh. sepet. gubra. mukhsin. telentime. mualaf. lg? anybody out there wo can make a movie like her. sila angkat tgn. aku mahu lg!

ke taman *alone*

crite bermula pabile kebosanan melanda pg ku.
all of suddnt, tringi nk g dam, alone. amek kunci kete. brummm. 5 mnt. smpi. jln sorg. tenong tasik. *layan prasaan*. tetbe. puupp, 1 drop of rain jatoh atas hdong dan saat seteros nye.. drussshh.. selebat yg mungkin. shitty!

at 1st, ase cam nak lari g kt car. tp.. haishh.. kuyup sudah. layan hujan sronok gak kan? duduk, kembali tenong tasik. TIBE-TIBE ade sorg mamat mne ntah jerit 'hoii!'
sumpah time tu.. jantong daku da lompat berenang2 kt lam tasik tu. gaban tekejot. aku pndg. die dtg dekat. aku cuak. die nmpk aku cam tkt. die stop jln. die jerit ckit *memandangkan hujan agak lebat* berkate 'ko mmg ade problem or saje maen hujan? kalo saje baek balik ah. dmm kang. aku chow dulu' lalu die bla.

aku tekulatkulat kt c2. sumpah ase cam dlm drama. aku x ckp apeape lgsg kt die. die bla cm tu je. yg aku pelik. apehal die ade kt c2? siap ade payung? dr td aku dok c2.. xde sape2 pon. *gerun* daku bgn, pulang.

p/s: bie, xmo mrh me taw. *kompom kene bebel lepas bie bace kan? HAHA :)

thankx ma friend





from:Muhammad Hamzah
to: Nadia Haslinda

24/7/09 **weird day

pg, around 9 bgn, bersiap utk jmpe si jantong hati intan payung ku. **yea.. daku da get bck wth him, kan bie kn?? :) **berbaju kurong cream, kaen kotak2.
arond 10 smpi jmpe die kt ttwgsa, park kete kat tmpt parking berbayar rm3 **mahal! monorail menuju ke imbi *time square. brkfst di mcD. **chenta ati ku bg daku big lollipop lg weeee! :D jln2, amek pict, muahh2. bertolak balik ke ttwgsaround 12.30.

cerita yg menarik: daku smpi2 kt kete. ade note for me, 'org' tu selit kt wiper kete ku. dlm tu tulis "nadia haslinda. puas?? HAHHAHAH". daku da cuak. siapekah gerangan?? ahmad nasir ku suoh betenang. tarek nafasss.. fuhh. ahmad nasir kate ni just kwn2 daku je yg gurau. yg daku pelik nye. kt ttwgse kott. sape plak yg taw kete daku kt c2. cuba mengawal perasan. anta ahmad nasir ke bilik lame die. daku pon menuju ke class.

tgh hari,
daku smpi kt KLMU 1 jam awal. masok class. masih kosong. temenong.
xlme lepas tu sorg demi sorg muncol, *girls mostly. daku dgn ringan mulut nye becerita kt dorg psl note gile tu. *ni la mase nye nk rapatkan silaturahim ahakx!
dorg dgr je. sronok gak jdk tukabg karut. haha. makin lame class mkin penoh. sume stdent da msok. 1jam tggu lect. masih x nmpk btg hdong. boys da memekak. 25 sblom mase class tamat 'papp'- BLACKOUT. haii.. ni mmg btol x mau ktorgstdy ni. trima je laa.. dgn hati terbuka. kami balik laa..

ptg, daku on9 kejap. x lame pastu along balik bersama abg cheff ku *balak die.
abg bg bday presnt kt along best2 sepasang kebaya dr indonesia, perfume, frame wth his pict in it serta teddy bear kck. ptg tu jugak abg msak kan utk our fam macaroni cabonara *cheezy gilak* n tomyamyamyam! sedap hinggat menjilat seluroh anggota! lps perot knyg, borak ngn mira. cerita pasal note gile tu. mira sengeh2. tetbe die kol amoi chantek **ylun a.k.a balak die** ylun bertnye 'angah, da PUAS??' dr situ.. taw la aku siapkah gerangan nye yg letak note tuu.. cilaka punya amoi! hahahhha! rupe2 nye die pon park tmpt same, die knl kete daku, sje nk wat drama. terbaekk!

23/7/09 *along's bday

pg, tdo.

tgh hari, bgn tgk tv. *bosan, x gosok gigi, muke sentiase slenge.

ptg, 3p.m, bersiap utk ke kelas, *sporty hbs daku.

3.45p.m, slamat smpi ke destinasi.

4p.m, class bermula: aku msok clss creative and critical thinking. dlm clss tuu.. hadoii.. bdk tadika pon bole buat taw, lect bg bentuk bulat, pastu die suoh kitorg wat atleast 6 bende dr bentok bulat tu. **bangge kerna daku berjaye buat 15 benda muahahah. ade bdk bru. laki. **kachak. :)

6p.m, bertolak pulang, redah jam 1jam, smpi umah skt pinggang.

mlm, celebrte bday along kecil2an.**die da besar x yah besar2 sgt. ayah bg die handbag white in colour. mama bg die highheel, attab bg 1drop perfume. daku n mira. x bg pape. **maaf along, kami kontang duit. selesai semuanye daku tgk tv. lalu tido.

something to say:sedih gile, yasmin ahmad koma. daku sgt minat beliau.


ahmad nasir!!
yess i love u! so??
hating me 4 loving u?
nak gadoh?
mehh la!

time to grow

last nyte tried but i couldnt sleep,
thought of u were in ma head,
i was lonely and i needed u nxt to me,
life are harder since u left,
i never meant to do u wrong,
and now all is said and done,
i hope u wont be gone too long..

where do i go?
wht do i do?
i cant deny i still feel somethng,
and boy..
i wish u could say u feel the same
u've broken the bond,
i gotta move on,
but how do i end ths lonely feeling?
u've gone, i'm here, alone..
i guess its time to grow.

i try to speak, but ma words nvr catch the air.
like u nvr knew i was there,
take me back to the days when u really cared
can we make love re-appear?
i cant go on the roads too long
and now all is said n done
i cant go fwrd if my heart's still where i'm coming from.

now i know..
crying time is over..
i know i cant control his feeling..
if he wont return, then i guess i'll be a big girl
and move on.

time to grow n move on,
make life better than its was b4,
time to grow and move on,
make love better than i did b4,

thought u've gone
i'm here
i guess

p/s: bie.. i'm sory for wht i've done. i hope u'll find some 1 who can understnd u bttr, love u bttr n care 4 u like no 1 else can. i'll always love u. thnkx 4 evrythng.take care. 143.


sepanjang hari, kesihatan mkin x baek. terpkse ponteng class. tido smpi call 3. x prasan x rep msg die.. die mrh, n say 'gubye' **x adil** aku hnye x sht n prlu rehat. bkn sgje x rep. tp x pe laa. if ini buat die hppy. da x larat nk halang. SARA IS THE BEST. salute die gegile laaa.


sepanjang hari,
membosan kan. bgn kol 11. mkn roti butterscoutch serta susu. kol 1 tdo balik. smpi kol 3. sahabat ku call. mie. gayot 2 jam. kol 5, kua bilik tgk 'whose line is it anyway' *ma fav*. dan tros lg tgk tv smpi kol 6. teringat blog. lalu coret2 bermula. tamat.

**bie.. xmau gado lg.


sepanjang hari, seperti biase. mkn mnom tdo tgk tv.

mlm hari, ' dingdong' bell umah bebnyi. 'aslmlaikomm, nadiaa ade??' ariff berkate. daku berlari lari anak mengejar sang pemanggil. 'yupn ariff, ade pape yg bole daku bntu?' guess wht die tunjok daku?? TIKET TGK manU TNYTE!!! daku menjerit ke-excited-an. bersiap dlm mase 5 mnt. tadaa sudah berada dlm mobil. ariff drive. g amek kwn beliau d selayang kt stadium. terdiri drpd 3 org rakan2 beliau. tiket kami pggr merah. tawaf stgh stadium bru smpi. sesampai, x sempat panas buntut, separoh mase da habis *shitty* x mngape. msh ade stgh game. ROONEY, OWEN, NANI, O'SHEAA. maen dahsat. pemain mlaysia mcm adek2 dorg aje haha. hampir pkol 12. tamat game. mata terkumpol. 2-0. bole tahan. aku ingat 17-0. *kejam.
habis game. balik! tidor.



meet Mr.crockie, ni lah bendalah cute aku ckp td tuu hhehee

pg, mak daku goncang pintu bgai nk roboh.

tgh hari, bersiap bertolak ke ikea:
kt sane smpi2 mama da buntang mate. tgk itu ini. aku? hnye mengikott. terpndg kt 1 bendalah chomel gilak. ati terpaot. merengek pd ayah. 'ayah nk ni!!'
dgn senang.. 'hurmmm amek la' (agak pelik mengape die tetbe bermurah hati *syukor*) dan dpt juga beberape brg utk kecantikan bilik ku.

2.45p.m, mkn d food court. meat ball 5 hengget serta daim cake *rase yg menawan*

ptg, bertolak balik ke slyg, sggh d slyg mall. beli bju keje ayah. daku dpt skinny choclate, black panties n bra *haha, sepasang kasut yg selesa.

mlm, sampai rumah, bersih kan diri, tgk smallville. tidor. hari yg memenat kan.


jika d izinkan Nya.. ade esok utk aku.
akn ku penuhi masa utk die.
memberitahu.. ada nya die dlm hidop ini,
memberi harapan utk ku tros tersenyum.
menanti mentari hari esok dan seterus nya.
jika tiada esk utk ku,
akn ku tulis nme die di setiap bintang2 yg ada.. sbgai bkti die la yg istimewa.
mmberi pesanan melalui angin.. jgn kau bersedih.
sesungguh nye aku kn sentiase memndg mu,
jaoh dr sini..
pejamkan mata, akn ku hadir dlm mimpi mu.
berjumpe kita skali lg,
pd alam yg lain.. suatu hari kelak.


pg, tidor smpi kol 11.. txt hubby ku. blablabla. gelimang ats katil smpi kol 12.
siap2 g klass. **berbaju kurung putih.

tgh hari, bertolak ke klass. anta attab g skola. isi kantong mnyak 5 hengget. dan kemudian menuju ke KLMU. tesampai awal. 1.15pm. klass kol 2.30. ddk bersorangan d ruang tggu. seseorg menegor: aimi, new student *cantik. sesi pekenalan dri bermula.

2.37, class strt. dr.ronnie eng lect. bestt. kikie si lembot tnjok bakat, he can sing yaw. criuss. bdk2 laki jht, lantang bekate 'geli aku dgr sore si lembot ni nyanyi'
aku protes! kikie baek, kau jgn ggu. cham & alex makin rapat ngn daku.

3.40, selesai klass. bejalan keluar class, lelaki semalam skali lg.. 'nutt, nk num.'
ape mslh kau jantan? hadoii.. terpakse.

4.30, sampai umah, letih. campak baju beg buku. dushh. terbaring. teringat blog. mari menulis. -end-

**something to add: bie.. kite makin x rapat laa. need to fix it.

dahulu kala

jumpe di sebalik album2 lame. dlm ati kate 'cumil gak aku dulu' wakakka


seperti biase, celik mata pg kol 9. mama call suoh bgn tgk 8tv fafau ade blind date *wtf?

2jam guna mata. tido balik *kerna kurang sehat* smpi kol 2.

siap2 utk menimba ilmu *KLMU*

kancil ku sedia berkhidmat. around 3.30 tiba. class masih lmbt lg.

lepak ngn bebdk laki yg x seberape nk laki. gosipp2. sorg lelaki kurang macho mntk no. daku mengelak.

masok class *mamat ex-unisel kachak ok* kikie: si lembot sgt baek. alexander:cuba diam bole?

6pm bertolak balik. tadaaaa. kesesakan lalu lintas. kol 7.45. home sweet home.

kad kawen parents

penah korg tgk kad kawen makpak korg dulu?
belom kan?
guess wht? i've found ma pernts pnye sioot!
to b honest, sumpah burok. wakakakk! nah aku tnjok korg.
plg x le bla. name my mum dlm kad kawen, gne name glamor die. kihkih. my mum's name sebenar ''sumbi' tp kat kad tlis 'sofea' x le bla mak daku. hahaha

love thingy?

dhangg! hahhha. gado, baek, gado, break up, berbaek, gado *dan selame nye
p/s: tetap syg anda bie


mari cerita tentng hidop baru. akhir nye daku begelar pelajar kembali. *yeay!

kt klmu. hurmm best, hotstuff not bad bnyk. yg penting. BANYAK PONDAN. dorg chomel ok. hahahha.

**aku amek pyhsiotherapy.

pegi sana, kenderaan sndr (redah jam x tahan)

kwn2-best je. (rndu kwn skola) sang jantan msh beperangai kebudak sekolahan

**aku same kolej ngn cousin aku MONA. -_-"


ok maaf. kerane x update blog selame LIMA BULAN.
mengalami kesulitan.

zalick, ko da cun da

skadar mengambil hati.


bkk mata.. alhmdllh.. msih bernyawa.
bangkit. geliat. puas.
matahari da puas tggu aku tgk die.
elok nyer anak dara. ayt kaum ibu.
bile nak berubah?
nikmatlaa lelap.
jgn x ngaku la korg.
dan skali lg..
tggu esok hari.
kalau esk ade lg utk aku.

aku jatoh cinta lagi

bobo. fungus. gambit. futus!
sumpah dorg ni cool gile!
the coolest dude in town ah kire nyer dorg ni..

owh wallet

wallet aku hlg..
dlm tu ade sgle nyer,
ic. lesen L aku. card hosptl.
brg2 behrge..
byk sgt..
wallet tu aku syg gile..
rezki sape la tu yeh..
aku halal kan je laa.
nak ngamok.
x gne..
da puas aku meraong.
die x jgk balik.
alangkah bgos nyer kalo die ade kaki..
pndai balik sndri.

terlalu byk

ape yg jdk kt hdop aku..
tnye la Die..
Die yg taw sgle nye..
betape aku bodoh ikot kan kate aty..
thts wht u get, when u let ur heart win.
aku lari dr sgle nyer..
kwn2 aku aku x contct.
aku hlg kan dri..
xptt. aku taw.
tp nk wat cam ne..
pnh korg ade kt tmpt aku..
mntk d jaoh kan..
aty korg x kan tenteram. sumpah.

tak menulis kini

aku bz..
aku ssh..
aku depressed.
aku stress..
aku hlg arah


look at her!!

she look damn cute! x tahan tgk die.. hehehhe.

cita-cita utk esok luse tulat..

dok atas bumbong.. tgk langit.. angin tgh kuat kan. CNY maa..
tetiap taon cam tu.. best.. mse kat ats tu laa korg bole pk mcm2..
ape kejadah haram korg wat slme korg hdop.. kgkwn korg.. balak2 n awek2 korg..
tgk ciptaan Si Dia.. mse tu ahh korg nk knl dri korg aw..
time tu ah korg nk nangeh ke..
nk gelak sensorg ke..
puas.. tp korg dok la ble da ptg..
korg tepacak ats bmbg tu tgh hari..
ikan kering pon bantai gelak kan korg.
cube laa, nikmati setiap saat. pasti korg nk lg.

mengape? utk ape?

mule2 dulu.. time umor 11 12, gile nak hp..

pastu nk mp3 plak.. skrg?

nk camera pulak..


korg nk jdk tukang amek gambo org kawen kah besor nnt?

asal? sbb nmpk stylo? up2date?

HAHA, lawak. yg pelik nyer..

dlm cam tu.. pict korg gak yg penoh.. maka, yg tukang amek pict nyer ttp la bkn korg..

*kalo ade org hulor kat aku bendalah tu kat aku free, aku pon sapuu. ahaha

sape topup kan aku?

da kt 3x da org x knl topup kan aku.
x.. bkn ahmad nasir, die kate bkn die n aku pecye..
mushykil, azalla?
x kan die laaa...
rezki allah bg. syukor je laa.

penah x?

penah x korg ase mcm x kenal sape diri korg?
cam taek kan feeling tu?
kengkdg aku ase mcm aku x knl dri aku ahh..
aku x taw ape aku nk..
utk ape aku nak..
ntah laa..
fuck upp!!

dramatic much

nak d jadik kan cite..
alkisah nye bermule pabile aku ke depan umah lalu mengambil kucing ku yg lena di buai mimpi indah..
lalu terpandang aku seperti kelibat bende menjalar..
woww! ular babe! black huge snake!
kucing aku da kua kan bunyi x puas aty (alaa bunyi grrr tu la)
aku da kecott, bibik lak g kedai.
aku usha je bendalah tu..
die msok kt pasu2 mak aku..
pastu slowly kua blek msok umah bwh sofa..
sumpah cantik!
pastu die da boring kott..
die pon kua..
bibik blek dr kedai..
ermm.. mls ah nk ctr da.. ahahah






sialan itu iblis, israel.
dunia.. mmg ko pnye.
kitorg conquer!
ape salah mereka?
ttp tudong saji korg ke hahh SETAN!
fight like a man laa.
ni x.. hancor badan budak, org tua, pompuan.
korg ganyah!

*owhh seislam..
doa kan saudara kita.
boycott israel! amerika!
hancor A.S. hancor ISRAEL.

am i on drug?

aku x nk jdk drug addict!
panadol, flue pill n couple can of coke.
xle tahan laa..
i need it..
i cant stop from taking those stuff.
am i addicted?
i hope not!

hell ya!

ths is life bdk lepasan spm..
cam lahabau nye bored!
jeless lak kengkdg tgk bdk "bwh umor" dok usong beg n buku2..
aku nk gak cam tu..
tgk adk2 ku(mira/attab) beli skool stuff..
bebulu jiwe! da xde da kaen biru caer..
kasot putih..
sumpah rndu.. kwan2 ku.. ckgu2 ku..
welcome to the world nutt!


harap maaf. tiada kesempatan utk update blog.