time to grow

last nyte tried but i couldnt sleep,
thought of u were in ma head,
i was lonely and i needed u nxt to me,
life are harder since u left,
i never meant to do u wrong,
and now all is said and done,
i hope u wont be gone too long..

where do i go?
wht do i do?
i cant deny i still feel somethng,
and boy..
i wish u could say u feel the same
u've broken the bond,
i gotta move on,
but how do i end ths lonely feeling?
u've gone, i'm here, alone..
i guess its time to grow.

i try to speak, but ma words nvr catch the air.
like u nvr knew i was there,
take me back to the days when u really cared
can we make love re-appear?
i cant go on the roads too long
and now all is said n done
i cant go fwrd if my heart's still where i'm coming from.

now i know..
crying time is over..
i know i cant control his feeling..
if he wont return, then i guess i'll be a big girl
and move on.

time to grow n move on,
make life better than its was b4,
time to grow and move on,
make love better than i did b4,

thought u've gone
i'm here
i guess

p/s: bie.. i'm sory for wht i've done. i hope u'll find some 1 who can understnd u bttr, love u bttr n care 4 u like no 1 else can. i'll always love u. thnkx 4 evrythng.take care. 143.

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